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Finding a safe gun-storage system is a crucial part of gun ownership to keep unauthorized persons from accessing your firearms. As you begin looking at options, you may be wondering where to start and which option is best for your personal needs. The best gun storage option for you will be one that suits the number of guns you own, your living situation as well as your budget.

Whether you are a collector looking for more storage compacity of a competitor who needs a safe, yet portable storage options, there is a wide range of safe storage devices out there to choose from, including:

Trigger Locks for Simple, Affordable Safety

This is a simple and affordable option that will prevent the gun from being loaded and fired by an unauthorized person. Many times you will receive a trigger lock with the purchase of a new gun, or they can be purchased at your local gun shop.
Different trigger lock types include:
  • Trigger shoes – This lock clamps down around the trigger/trigger housing to prevent the trigger from being pulled. These devices come in contact with the trigger, so they should never be used on loaded guns.
  • Cable locks– This type of lock is used to block the action of the firearm. This will prevent the action of shotguns and rifles from being closed. For semi-automatic pistols, they prevent the magazine from being loaded into the grips. You can also loop the cable through the barrel of a revolver to keep the cylinder from closing.
You can expect to pay less than $20 for a trigger lock and may be able to obtain them for free from certain community programs. These are a very effective tool for preventing unintentional discharge of the firearm, but they do not offer any protection against theft.

Gun Cases: Great for Transporting and Restricting Access 

These can be purchased at your local gun shop or sporting goods store and are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes to fit any kind of commercially available gun. Cases range from padded fabric sleeves to plastic containers and range in price from $10 to $150. A case will primarily be used to protect one or more firearms from becoming damaged. In most cases, you can lock a soft or hard-side case for transportation to and from the range or shooting events using a padlock on the hard case handle or soft case zipper pull.
A locked gun case is a convenient and safe way to store a gun, keeping small children from handling a firearm.
While they are a safe option, their usefulness is limited by the materials the gun case is made out of. Plastic and soft fabrics that gun cases are typically made out of are no match for edged tools. Their lightweight and easy to carry design makes them easy for thieves to carry away. For a secure storage solution, gun cases should be stored in a less portable lockable structure to keep them from being stolen.

Strong Boxes and Security Cases for Anti-Theft and Portability 

Strong boxes and security cases offer you the portability of a gun case, with the anti-theft and protection from gun damage a locking gun cabinet offers. When shopping for these units, you will see that pricing varies anywhere from less than $50 to over $300. Pricing depends on the level of technology that is incorporated into the unit.
These units come in a variety of styles and are equipped with various accessories to increase safety and security. You will find brands that are slim and light, fitting into drawers or briefcases, as well as those that can be accessed by entering a code into a keypad or by touch with a fingerprint. You will also find units that can hold multiple guns.
You can also find security cases that are made to be heavy-duty and can be mounted inside the closet, trunk of a car, or in the interior of your suitcase when flying. If you want to maintain the portability of handgun and long gun cases, but want extra durability and security, strong boxes and security cases are your best choice.

Locking Steel Gun Cabinets for Increased Storage Capacity 

With a locking steel gun cabinet, you will get an increased level of storage capacity as well as internal configurations options that allow you to customize the cabinet based on the guns you have. While they offer more capacity and internal configurations than strong boxes and security cases, they still differ from gun safes in several ways:
  • Made from a thinner gauge steel
  • Equipped with a simple locking mechanism
  • Not equipped with fire-resistant insulation
These features keep the pricing for gun cabinets around $150 to $450 and also keep the weight low. This allows these cabinets to be easily and safely moved up and down the stairs with one or two people. Because of their lighter weight, they can also be used in an apartment or a second-floor room where a gun safe may be too large or too heavy.

Gun Safes Provide Superior Security 

This is one of the most secure gun storage options available for the average gun owners. Even the most basic gun safe provides protection and security that is superior to all other gun storage options. With dedicated racks and lined interiors, you can protect the finish of your guns while also providing an effective theft deterrent. Features that help to deter theft include:
  • Weight
  • Outer box made of heavy-gauge steel
  • Capability to bolt the safe down directly to a concrete slab
All of these features of a gun safe will frustrate thieves and help deter theft. Additionally, a gun safe can also provide protection from fire, flooding, and other disasters. Purchasing a gun safe is a major financial investment. A wide variety of features are available for gun safes, which can also affect the cost. Gun safes range in price from $500 to over $2,500, so it is important to determine what features are important to you to ensure you are investing in the right unit.

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