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If you choose to use us as a transfer dealer for out of state purchases please follow our guidelines
listed to minimize any confusion. We will not receive any firearms from an individual, we do
FFL to FFL transfers ONLY, regardless of what type of firearm it is.

1: It is your responsibility to know if it is legal to own the firearm being transferred in the state of Pennsylvania.

2: We ARE a Class III Dealer.

3: Any shipment must have ATTN: with your name on the box somewhere. We do not open any firearms shipped to us until you are here, that way there is no way we can be blamed for your 99% condition firearm you bought on Gunbroker that now has a huge gouge in the stock and a bent barrel.

4: If your name is not on the package somewhere we will not accept it.

5: The dealer must list you as the buyer or “sold to” on any receipts, not us, we are the Ship to. If the dealer lists us as the “sold to” we will charge you 7% sales tax on your purchase amount. “If the receipt says sold to Federal Firearms and I receive an audit from the state they are going to want to know why I didn’t charge you sales tax, it looks like I’m selling you the firearm.”

6: All firearms received must include a signed copy of the shippers FFL, if there is not one in there you can’t take the firearm with you.  “Remember this is your deal, not ours, it’s your responsibility to get the FFL to us so don’t ask us to call the dealer to see if he can fax it.”


8: Follow these guidelines for a hassle free transaction.

Person to Person Transfers

Both parties must have a valid state issued ID and the bring the firearm(s) along with them. The required paperwork will then be filled out and a background check will be ran on the purchaser. The fee for private transfers will be $30 for the first firearm and $15 per additional firearm.

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