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Firearm Transfers

Private Party Transfers:

Both individuals must have a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License or State ID and must bring the firearm in with them. We will then fill out all the required paperwork and run the background check on the purchaser.

FFL Transfers:

After your purchase is made, have the dealer call us so we can get them a copy of our FFL license so they can process the shipment. We ask that they send the item with a copy of their FFL license for our records. Once your purchase arrives you will come in and do all the required paperwork and background check. Note: WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT FIREARMS FROM OTHER FFL HOLDERS AND NOT INDIVIDUALS.

Firearm Transfer South Hills Pricing:

  • Private Party Transfers – $30
  • FFL Transfers – $40

*All transfer fees do not include sales tax or PICS fee

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