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Dealer Transfers South Hills

If you choose to use us as a transfer dealer for out-of-state purchases please follow our guidelines
listed to minimize any confusion. We will not receive any firearms from an individual, we do
FFL to FFL transfers ONLY, regardless of what type of firearm it is.

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Firearm Transfers South Hills

Both individuals must have a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License or State ID. Additionally you have to have the firearm on your person. We will then fill out all the required paperwork and run the background check on the purchaser to make sure everything is where it needs to be.

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Gunsmith Services South Hills

Federal Firearms gunsmiths are the top in their trade. We offer the most comprehensive list of gunsmithing services in the South Hills. We have extensive knowledge and skill that we put into practice when working on major firearm brands such as Glock and Springfield. We also provide a range of long guns and AR-15’s. We only use the best tools when serving as the premier gunsmith in the South Hills.

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