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What are the Rules of Gun Safety?

Gun Safety

You were interested in purchasing a firearm for hunting or self-defense, so you searched for a “gun shop near me.” After your search, you found the perfect place and purchased the best gun to suit your needs. As a first-time gun owner, you may be wondering, “now what?”

Learning gun safety is the first and most important step you should take as a new gun owner. Firearms are an essential tool for hunting and self-defense, but a firearm can become dangerous if you don’t handle them safely. If you or someone you know is a new gun owner, or you need a refresher on gun safety, check out these tips below!

In addition to learning the basics of gun safety, it is highly recommended that you take a training course for more in-depth learning.

Handle Every Gun as if it is Loaded

Even if you are confident that your gun is unloaded, you should always assume that it is loaded and treat it accordingly. Accidents happen all the time when people are absolutely sure they unloaded their firearm because mistakes happen.

Only Point Your Gun at What You Are Willing to Destroy

Avoid pointing your gun, even if you are sure it is unloaded, at anything or anyone you don’t intend to destroy. Keep your firearm pointed in a neutral position, like at the round, unless you are aiming and shooting.

Keep Your Finger off of the Trigger Until Ready to Shoot

Until you are ready to shoot at the target, keep your finger off of the trigger. It is especially important to keep your finger off the trigger while walking or running. Any distraction could cause you to clench your finger and fire off an unintentional, but potentially deadly shot.

Know Your Target and What is Beyond It

This applies to everything from hunting and target practice, to a firefight. Do not fire at anything you have not been able to identify fully. This is important because it can help you to avoid shooting someone by accident. You should also be aware of the material that you are shooting at. Some hard material can cause bullets to ricochet and should not be used as backdrops for targets or targets.

It is also essential to be aware of your surroundings. For example, when hunting with a high-powered rifle, you need to make sure you are the proper distance away from any homes before you shoot at your target because if not, your shot could travel through your target and cause damage or injury to someone or something nearby. This also goes for a firefight in your home or a public place. You need to be sure your shot is not only accurate but that it won’t hit its target and go through, accidentally injuring or killing a bystander.

You should also be sure to wear ear and eye protection, keep your gun clean for safe, optimal firing conditions, don’t rely too heavily on your safety, and avoid dry-firing your gun that could be loaded, just because the safety is on.

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