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Which 9mm Pistol Holds The Most Rounds?

Glock 17 holds the most rounds in a standard mag of any 9mm pistol
When shopping for a pistol, it is crucial to find a versatile and reliable handgun to meet your needs. Another consideration to make when shopping for a handgun is magazine capacity.
Your pistol is meant to protect you and in a dire situation, having to reload is not ideal. This is why it is important to find a pistol with a high-capacity magazine to be prepared for any situation.
With high capacity in mind, you may be wondering which handgun on the market has the highest capacity. This can be tricky to answer since there are extended mags and custom drum mags for most pistols on the market. While a drum mag can raise the capacity close to one hundred for some models, it isn’t a practical solution.
It is best to go for a pistol with a high capacity before extended magazines are added. The Glock 17 can carry 33 9m rounds at a time and makes for a great self-defense handgun with

What You Need to Know About the Glock 17

Glock is a well-known, reliable brand that is commonly used throughout the US military and US police force and with civilian gun owners. The Glock 17 is a reliable and versatile weapon that is perfect for self-defense, even without modification. This affordable and easy-to-use handgun is a great option for high capacity and is accurate to a range of about 55 yards.
You may also consider the Glock 18, which can hold 19 rounds plus one in the chamber. This means that the Glock 18 is a 20-shot automatic handgun without the optional extended magazines. The standard size magazines for a Glock hold either 15 or 17 rounds, but you can also purchase 31 or 33 round magazines for ultimate capacity. These can be purchased directly from Glock.
You can also have an extended floor plate installed, which will lengthen the bottom of the magazine and give you a 35-round capacity. While this will give you a high capacity, it is not typically a practical solution when concealed carrying. A large magazine such as this will not be subtle and will make carrying concealed difficult.

Other Top-Performing High Capacity Pistols to Consider

When it comes to carrying the most rounds, there are a few additional handguns that come close to the Glock 17, including:
  • FN 5.7- This handgun has a magazine capacity of 20 rounds, putting it ahead of the standard 17 round magazines that most competitors have. Even with the 20 round capacity, the FN 5.7 does not surpass the Glock 19.
  • Kel-Tec PMR 30- This pistol has a standard capacity of 30 rounds, putting it at a close second to the Glock 17, with the Glock being more affordable.
  • CZ P-09- This pistol offers a 19 round magazine, putting it up there with the Glock 17.
  • Sig Sauer P320- This pistol carries a standard 17 rounds. There is also a modified version, the X-5, which can hold 21 rounds plus one in the chamber. Keep in mind this is a heavy weapon that may not be ideal for all shooters or conceal carry situations.

What are the Laws in Pennsylvania Regarding Magazine Capacity?

The laws for magazine capacity vary from state to state. These laws can also vary by city, so it is best to check your state or local laws when considering which magazine capacity to purchase.
In general, a large-capacity magazine is considered any magazine that holds more than ten rounds. In some states, large capacity is considered 15 rounds or more in other states. This definition of large capacity varies between handguns and long guns.
Pennsylvania is one of many states that do not have any laws on the books that limit the magazine capacity or that ban the purchase, sale, possession, or use of large-capacity magazines.

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